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Quilts by Millie

What is Professional Custom Longarm Quilting Service?

Professional-I take my passion very seriously and will do my utmost to honor your quilt top with only the best materials available.  I continue to take classes to improve my skill and add new innovative techniques to my quilting and services. 

Custom speaks of the many levels of quilting I am able to provide.  Inspiration comes from many sources; designs in the fabric, quilt blocks, nature, etc.  I have several templates and pantographs that can also be used alone or in combination.  Free-hand, hand-guided or free-motion quilting is an art form.  The quilter physically guides the longarm machine to create beautiful designs vs. computerized quilting which depends on a computer to move the longarm machine, which stitches the design on your quilt.  

Longarm machines as shown above sit on a very large table/frame.  The difference between a domestic sewing machine and longarm:  with a domestic the quilter moves the quilt sandwich around, and with a longarm the quilt sandwich is on a frame and the quilter moves the machine around to create the designs.

Quilting Service-My services include: consultation, custom design, multi-level quilting, turning quilt for borderwork, create backings/bindings, squaring-up quilt after quilting to prepare for binding, bind quilts, create/attach hanging sleeves and/or labels, and basting quilt sandwiches for my
hand-quilting customers.

For helpful hints:  scroll over the LQS-Quilt Preparation page and
click on any of the How To pages!

Unique Homemade Quilts for Sale
My love for quilting also includes piecing and machine appliquing.  Do you have a special event coming up that requires a gift:  baby shower, anniversary celebration, house warming? 
Visit "Quilts to Buy - Patterns" page to choose a quilt pattern for me to customize for you or
"Quilts to Buy-Order Form" is where you will find quilts currently available for purchase!

The "Galleries" and UFOs in process are fun to peruse. 

Don't forget to sign the, "Guest Book" and use the "Contact" page to email any questions. 

Thank you so much for visiting me, I hope you will return often!

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